Brian Bishop’s Story

Brian Bishop’s Story

When it comes to the accurate detection of life threatening medical conditions, access to the best in diagnostic imaging can mean the difference between life and death.

Few know this better than Brian Bishop, a well-known member of the Vidalia community and owner of Bishop-Durden Insurance Group. With a family history of heart disease, Brian was religious about getting regular screenings and keeping on top of his cardiac health.

“I was faithful in getting my heart tests done, including having a regular stress test performed by my doctor every two years,” he said. “They always came back fine, and I was showing no symptoms of heart disease.”

It wasn’t until Brian received a CTA on one of the medical center’s 320-slice CT machines that his doctor was able to detect blockage in his arteries. This vital information led him to have four cardiac stents put in to help restore blood flow through the blocked arteries.

“Having the CTA done probably saved my life,” Brian said. “None of the other tests detected a problem. I had no symptoms but, without the stents, I would more than likely have had a heart attack.”

Thanks in part to the CT technology at Meadows Health, Brian is in good health today and continues to see a cardiologist regularly to keep on top of his cardiac health.

Advanced Technology

Find out more about how new CT “patient-focused” technology may have saved Brian’s life. Watch the video.